Helsinki Zoo

New Helsinki Zoo entrance building preliminary design in progress. Helsinki Zoo needs a new entrance building in 2023 when the new bridge connection to Kruunuvuorenranta will be ready. The number of visitors is expected to rise dramatically and up to 15000 visitors will pass through the building daily. The new building will incorporate comprehensive zoo shop, cosy cafe, exquisite restaurant and versatile multi-purpose space.

PUU 3/2016

Finnish wood architecture magazine PUU 3/2016 presents two of AFKS´s daycare centres, Painiitty and Kurkimoisio!

Three-storey daycare center

Suursuo daycare center for over 300 children in progress.

Helsinki Type House presented in Puu 2/2016

AFKS has designed Helsinki Type House modular system in 2006-2011, now presented in Finnish Wood Architecture magazine PUU 2/2016.


1st prize in School Competition

AFKS & Rudanko+Kankkunen Team with FCG Engineers has won the Sipoonlahti School Invited Competition!

Helsinki Ice Hall

Preliminary designs for future use of the legendary ´Nordis´-arena

Energy efficient daycare center

Vaaralanpuisto daycare center will be the first nearly zero-energy building for the City of Vantaa. Construction work has started 6/2016.

Modular daycare center

Kurkimoisio daycare center is the first realization of the new modular daycare center concept AFKS has been innovating for the City of Helsinki.

AFKS film Viikinmäki

Viikinmäki Quarter House film by Antti Seppänen. Enjoy!

Viikinmäki in ARK 2/2015

Viikinmäki Quarter House presented in Finnish Architectural Review ARK.

AFKS film Ajurinmäki

A Classic AFKS video by Antti Seppänen (2009), still current