Martta Wendelin Day Care Centre wins 2023 Finlandia Prize for Architecture

The highly regarded Finlandia Prize for Architecture is awarded by the Association of Finnish Architects (SAFA) annually for buildings of high architectural value. This year the winner was chosen by philanthropist and climate activist Anna Herlin. The day-care centre is described as an excellent demonstration of how the transition towards a more carbon neutral built environment can be achieved.

“It is the scale of the building that reveals the child-centered approach taken here. The daycare centre may be a high-volume development, but internally it comprises a series of spaces that are built with the children’s comfort in mind, right down to the low-height sinks. The huge outdoor space offers the perfect setting for children to do what they do best: running, jumping and climbing. The Martta Wendelin Day Care Centre is a fragment of a future worth striving for, brought into the present,”